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What We Do

The MAGRU team always meets recognized standards for all installations.

The skilled MAGRU team performs installations in residential, commercial and industrial areas. 

The MAGRU team installs wiring, switches, circuit breaker panels, relays, inverters, control and lighting systems, ceiling fans, industrial fans, stoves, data cables, TV points, geyser points, flood lights, braai lights, street lights, etc.

Fault Finding

The MAGRU team search for electrical problems in residential, commercial and industrial areas. 

We think logically and inspect electrical systems to identify hazards, defects and find solutions for problems.

We inspect circuit breakers, transformers, and other electrical components for any faults

We pinpoint problems using a range of testing devices to find out the reason behind malfunctioning of electrical products and systems


The MAGRU team gives COC’s for new and existing buildings.

We also give COC’s when renovations were done to existing premises and a customer request a COC for work that has been done. When property is sold, we can inspect, repair faults and issue a COC.

More Services

We inspect and install electrical systems and do repairs to keep it functioning properly.  We work productively with co-workers and the general public.  We offer professional advice to customers.  We have a cleaning policy.  We try to leave the premises as neat as we found it.


The MAGRU team performs a wide variety of maintenance.

We do maintenance to keep wiring, lighting and control systems in good working order

The team repair, replace and upgrade faulty or outdated electrical fixtures and wiring.

We isolate faults to safely remove and replace faulty electrical components.

New Buildings / Construction

The MAGRU team reads technical and wiring diagrams and interprets architect blueprints; circuit diagrams electrical systems planning for new buildings.

The MAGRU team installs wiring, lighting and control system in new and existing buildings according to Municipal codes, Rules and Regulations.

We complete projects on schedule.


The MAGRU team trains and manages junior electricians and apprentices and direct them to perform specific tasks and duties in all aspects of the industry.


The MAGRU team always meets recognized standards for all repairs

The MAGRU team repairs electrical systems and products used in residential homes and businesses. We do repair work inside or outside buildings to ensure lights, equipment and appliances operate safely and reliably.


The Magru Teams offers free quotations. No quote is too big or too small for us.

We value each and every customer.